Integrated Network Combating HIV/AIDS in Tete - Phase 1

Team members: 
Fulgencio Sambola; Johnny Lujan; Yves Lafort; Patricia Claeys; Marleen Temmerman;


Main objective:

  • To reduce the impact of the HIV epidemic in Tete province, and more specifically in the City of Tete and in Moatize District

Specific objectives:

  • To reduce the transmission of HIV through treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • To improve the capacity of the Tete Provincial Health Department in the management of provincial HIV/AIDS/STI services


  • Improve the quality of STI care at all primary health care facilities of the covered areas through training, supervision, provision of supplies and operational research
  • Create and support an STI reference clinic at the provincial hospital
  • Upgrade the provincial hospital laboratory to provide an etiologic diagnosis of STI and conduct microbial resistance surveillance
  • Create and support an STI evening clinic for high-risk clients, in particular female sex workers and long-distance truck drivers
  • Improve maternal syphilis screening through the introduction of rapid tests in antenatal clinics
  • Support the Provincial Health Department in organising coordination meetings and exchange visits
  • Support regular supervision visits by the Provincial Health Department


  • All STI care providers have been trained and apply the latest national guidelines for a syndromic management of STI clients
  • An important group of high-risk clients has easy access to improved reproductive health services at the evening clinic
  • The rapid test for maternal syphilis screening has been succesfully introduced in all antenatal clinics
Project categories: 
Funding agencies: 
•The Tete Provincial Health Department •Médecins sans Frontières - Luxemburg •The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp
Project status: 
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Saturday, June 30, 2007