Safe Abortion Project has reduced stigma and deaths in Cahora Bassa

More and more women and girls are joining the safe abortion service at the Chitima Health Center in the Cahora Bassa district (Tete province, Mozambique). From January to May 2021, more than 60 users have appealed to the service.

According to Sara Tomo, director of the Centre, abortion is no longer a clandestine issue in the district. Safe abortion services have been accepted thanks to the dissemination of information in the community. “Normally we see 3 to 4 people per day”, revealed Sara Tomo during a monitoring visit by Málica de Melo (director ICRH Mozambique) to the Chitima Health Center, which is supported by the Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF). “The project has changed the behavior of our communities and brought about a new approach. Before our girls had unsafe abortions, with all the associated risks that entailed. Today, because people are better informed, we hardly have any complicated cases and deaths have become highly exceptional.” 
The Safe Abortion Project is also implemented in the Angonia district, with the aim of reducing institutional and social barriers to safe abortion by training health technicians, and by providing more information to the community to reduce stigma. The project is expected to extend to the Changara district in the near future.