Webinar on new tools to monitor national SRHR action plans

Country representatives responsible for developing a national SRHR action plan to accelerate the ICPD agenda, can now use two new tools to help them monitor and evaluate their plans. ICRH and UNFPA EECARO presented the tools during a webinar that is available online.

On the 3rd of September ICRH co-organised together with UNFPA EECARO a webinar for government and UNFPA representatives in the region working on the development, implementation or evaluation of national SRHR action plans that need to strengthen the implementation of the ICPD agenda. The webinar focused on two tools that have been developed by ANSER. First, a set of indicators to measure and monitoring the action plans and secondly, a quality assurance checklist to take into account other international agreements related to SRHR. The speakers clearified how ICRH and ANSER could provide technical assistance to countries to strengthen their plans and pointed out a set of recommendations for countries to take into account when starting the work.

You want to know more? Please find the recording of the webinar here.