Integrating menstrual health management in sexual & reproductive health programmes for adolescents

In Mozambique there is increasing attention to addressing the sexual & reproductive health (SRH) issues faced by adolescent girls, including unplanned pregnancy, HIV/STIs, violence, and early marriage. A key issue for girls that is often not addressed in adolescent SRH programmes is menstrual health management (MHM). Many girls begin menstruating with little or no information about what is happening and how to manage it, and they do not have access to hygienic materials. Lack of facilities at schools mean that many girls miss school and some eventually drop out. Social norms about menstruation can discriminate and isolate girls, and lead to neither parents nor teachers assuming responsibility for talking to girls about MHM.

ICRHM has started a 1-year project funded by Amplify Change to document girls’ experiences and social norms around menstruation and MHM in Tete province, and to promote inclusion of MHM in adolescent SRH programmes.