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  • The International Centre for Reproductive Health, also designated as  ICRH-M, is a Mozambican nonprofit association of scientific character, with legal personality and administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy.

    Since November 2009, ICRH-Mozambique is officially registered as an association, aiming at improving sexual and reproductive health in Mozambique in its broadest sense.

    The Scientific Council of ICRH-Mozambique is composed of high level representatives of national and international institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and ICRH-Global.

    In accordance with the Declaration of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development, ICRH-M fully supports the recognition of reproductive health as a basic human right of all men and women, including adolescents.

    Objectives and Strategies

    To improve sexual and reproductive health in its broadest sense with particular attention to sexually transmitted infections including HIV and AIDS, cervical cancer, maternal and child health, family planning, contraception and gender-based violence.

    In order to meet its objectives, ICRH-M uses operational research and policy analysis, training, and advocacy.

    Partners, donors

    ICRH Mozambique's main partners are the Government, Education Institutions and cooperation partners.

    In addition to receiving funding from United Nations organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors (UNICEF, WHO, USAID, FICA, DANIDA, EU),  ICRH-M collaborates with international institutions such as ICRH-Global, ICRH Kenya, ICRH Belgium, London University and University of Porto.

    Target group

    The direct beneficiaries of ICRH-M are women and men of reproductive age, adolescents and high risk groups, with particular attention to sex workers.