Young adolescents reproductive and sexual rights in Mozambique

ICRH-Mozambique has been awarded a grant by the Government of Flanders to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights of younger adolescents aged 10 to 14 years.
Mozambique has made progress in improving SRHR but adolescents, in particular younger adolescents, are getting left behind in terms of access to information and services as well as protection against rights violations. A key element of the project involves strengthening communication between adolescents and their parents on issues like puberty, sexuality and reproductive and sexual health, as well as preparing teachers and health workers to be better equipped to supporting adolescents on these issues. The project will also seek to better understand and work within the social norms that affect adolescents’ SRHR. The project will be implemented in two districts of Maputo Province, and its impact amplified through advocacy to strengthen programming for younger adolescents.